D S Mayoor

D. S. Mayoor, one of the immerging stars of painting was born on 6th January 1956. He got National Diploma in arts from Indore. He is also expert in Sculpture making.

Since 1973, he exhibited his painting in many cities of M.P. as well as in major cities of India like Calcutta, Hyderabad etc. He specializes in painting and sculpture making. Subject wise selection of colors give his work a new vision. His work on wood called “SANYOJAN” is one of the beautiful piece of art. His work on wood consists of interested forms of themes, that when rain comes, separates leave their hideouts for a safer den.

He also got awards in many National level contest including, State Science Exhibition, Jabalpur, Kalidas Art Exhibition, Ujjain, Mahakoushal Kala Parishad, Raipur, State Art Exhibition Youth Welfare Center, Bhopal, State Art Exhibition, M.P. Kala Parishad, Indore, Art Teacher Award, K.V. Golconda, Third All India Art Exhibition, S.C.Z.C.C. Nagpur, Mera Indore Art Exhibition, Indore, Natraj Utasv Omkareshwar, (Sada) Khandwa, State Art Exhibition in Memory of Dr. Vakankar, Ujjain, All India K.V. Teachers Art Exhibition, New Delhi, State Golden Jublee Art Exhibition (AIFACS) Bhopal etc.

He is having his collections at Roopankar Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur, Nehru Kendra Lalbagh, Indore, Bank Note Press, Dewas, Special Area Development Authority, Khandwa, Lok Sanskrit Sampreshan Prakalp, Ujjain & Many other Private Collection in India & abroad.

D.S.-Mayoor-1-Oil-on-Canvas-36x71-inches D.S.Mayoor-2-Oil-on-Canvas-35x59-inches D.S.Mayoor-3-Oil-on-canvas-35x35-inches D.S.-Mayoor-4-Oil-on-canvas-35x35-inches D.S.Mayoor-5-Oil-on-canvas-40x59-inches D.S.-Mayoor-6-Oil-on-canvas-40x59-inches D.S.Mayoor-7-Oil-on-canvas-24X30-inches D.S.-Mayoor-8-Oil-on-canvas-30X24-inches D.S.-Mayoor-9-Oil-on-canvas-30X24-inches