Dibyendu Bhadra


~ Diploma in painting from Government College of Art & craft , Calcutta.
~ Post Diploma in Graphics from M.S. University Baroda.

~ Participated in All India Contemporary Exhibition Art organized by
~ Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta, since 1986- 2000.
~ Bombay Art Society in 1993 & 1994
~ Participated in “INTRODUCTION 91″ organized by India International Art Centre, Calcutta.
~ Participated in Annual Art show of AIFACS, DELHI 1996,1997.
~ All India Contemporary Annual Exhibition of Art organized by Academy of Art, Calcutta in 1986 &1988
~ Participated in 3rd and 4th International Biennial Exhibition of print at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal in 1995 & 1997.
~ Participated in National Exhibition of Art organized by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 1996 & 2000.
~ Participated in Bengal 2000 organized by Birla Academy of Art and Culture at Delhi.
~ Participated in other major shows all over India

Group Show
1986 & 1990: Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
1993: M.S. University, Baroda
1993: Bajaj Art Gallery, Bombay.
1995 & 1998: Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi,
1999: Two man show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000: Two man show Crimson Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2001: Habitat Centre, Delhi

Solo Show
1986: 1st Solo Show was held at Calcutta under the Sponsorship of Bata India Ltd.
1996: 2nd Solo Show of paintings was held at Aurobindo Art Gallery , Delhi.
2003: 3rd Solo Show of paintings was held at Gallerie Alternatives, Gurgaon

1993: Received award from Bombay Art Society.
1995-97: Received Junior Fellowship.
2000: Received National Academy Award.

~ Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi
~ Birla Academy, Calcutta
~ And many important personalities in India & Abroad.

Dibyendu-Bhadra-Bronze-18x7.5x7.5-inches Dibyendu-Bhadra-Bronze-12x5x10-inches Dibyendu-Bhadra-Bronze-14x6x7.5-inches Dibyendu-Bhadra-Bronze-14x9x7.5-inches Dibyendu-Bhadra-Bronze-15x13x7.5-inchesD-Bhadra-1-Water-colour-on-paper-10x11-inches D-Bhadra-2-Water-colour-on-paper-10x11-inches D-Bhadra-3-Water-colour-on-paper-9.5x11-inches Dibyendu-Bhadra-Oil-on-canvas-59x64-inches Dibyendu-Bhadra-Oil-on-canvas-69x69-inches