Nandalal Bose

Date Of Birth: (3 December 1882 -16 April 1966 )Kharagpur,Bihar -Calcutta

1930-35 Commercial Class,Presidency College,Calcutta
1905-10 CGAC, Student of Abanindranath Tagore

1987 Ex., Festival of India USSR & Switzerland
1988 Ex., Takaoka Muncipal Museum of Art & Meguro Museum of Art Tokyo(Japan)
1988 Ex., Olympaid of Art Seoul(South korea)
1990 Solo Ex., Kala Yatra
1992 Ex., Nandan Gallery,Kala Bhavan Santiniketan
1993 Ex., ‘Wounds’ CIMA & NGMA
1993 Ex., ‘Trends & Images’ CIMA
1993 Ex., Little Gallery Calcutta
1994 Ex., ‘Contemporary Miniatures’ CIMA
1995 Ex., ‘Fantasy’ CIMA
1995 Ex., Le Monde De I Art Paris
1995 Ex., Gallery raku Kyoto(Japan)
1996 Solo Ex., Ex.,of Oils CIMA
1996 Ex., ‘Modern and Contemporary Indian Paintings:One Hundered Years’,Sotheby’s Auction London
1996 Ex., ‘Contemporary Indiam paintings:from the Chester & Davida Herwitz Collections’ Part II, Sotheby’s Auction New York

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