S Harsha Vardhana

S. Harsha Vardhana (b. 1958), a self taught artist, believes that art is an intellectual pursuit located within ones’s social context. Harsha paints not what he sees, but what he experiences as reality. This is not as obtuse as it sounds merely referring to Harsha’s use of the abstract idiom to communicate not through symbolic form but through the emotive aspect of his painted surfaces, through their harmony, their colours and the lines that form a pattern and therefore a narrative. Rather then being a didactic tool of communication (like advertising for instance which is uni-directional with clearly defined roles of active communicator and passive recipient) the creative act is a means for the artist and his audience to engage in a dialogic exchange.

S-Harsha-Vardhana-Mixed-media-on-Paper-29X48-inches S-Harsha-Vardhana-Mixed-media-on-paper-30x22-inches