Shalini Saran

Date of Birth: 20 September 1951

Educational Qualifications :

~ BA Honours (English Literature),Miranda House, University of Delhi.
~ MA (English Literature), University of Allahabad

Work Experience

Asst. Editor, Vikas Publishing House, Delhi.
1976-  Freelance writer since 1980, and photographer, as well, since 1984. Areas of work  include architecture, crafts, traditional lifestyles and places of historical interest.

PUBLISHED WORKS                      ARTICLES  (1981-2003)

Nizamuddin                                          India Magazine

Jaipur                                                    India Magazine

Begam Samru                                       India Magazine

Sanganer (paper/printing)                    Orientations  (Hong Kong)

Meenakaari                                           Namaste

Varanasi                                                Namaskaar

Bundi                                                    India Magazine

Kabootarbaazi                                       Swagat

Mirabai                                                 India Magazine

Jama Masjid                                         Taj Magazine

Old Delhi                                              Regency (Hong Kong)

Qawwali                                               Festival of India & India Magazine

Manucci, a Medieval Traveller            Namaste

Rampur                                                 India Magazine

Spices                                                   Discovery (Hong Kong)

Khurja Pottery                                      Swagat

Gwalior                                                 India Magazine

Tobacco                                                Namaste

Melas                                                    Namaste

Japiur Today                                         Taj Magazine

Benares Brocade                                   Orientations

Akbar                                                    Reader’s Digest

Paan                                                      Soma

Marble Craft                                         Namaste

Chandni Chowk                                   Taj Magazine

Baraats                                                 Taj Magazine

Ajmer Urs                                             India Magazine

Rabaris of Kutch                                   Swagat

Kutch Diary                                          Namaste

Trekking to Triund                               Swagat

Miniature Painter                                  Namaste

Trivandrum                                           Swagat

Ajmer/Pushkar/Makrana                      Rajasthan Insight Guide APA (Hong Kong)

A Tarwad in Kerala                              Namaste

Friday Mosque                                     Sawasdee (Hong Kong)

Section on India                                   South Asia Insight Guide APA (Hong Kong)

The Hookah                                         Sawasdee (Hong Kong)

Forests in Myth                                    Namaste

Backwaters of Kerala                           Namaste

Life on the Seafront                             Namaste

Pushkar                                                Sawasdee (Hong Kong)

Garden Tombs                                     Namaste

Living in Nizamuddin                          Namaste

Mehrauli                                               Namaste

All is Fun at the Fair                            Discovery (Hong Kong)

Mango Motifs                                      Namaste

Adding Spice to Life                           Namaste

Jaipur—City of Gems                          Namaste

Visiting Forgotten Cities                     Namaste

Archetypal Images                               India International Quarterly

Rhythms of the Desert                         Swagat

Forts of Rajasthan                                Namaste

Shah Jahan the Jeweller                       Namaste

The Bodhi Tree                                    Namaste

Cooks Tales                                         Namaste

Colour in Mughal Architecture           Namaste

Knotted Yarns                                     Namaste

Mathura Museum                                Namaste

Agra’s Musical Past                            Folio (The Hindu)

Elephanta                                            Namaste

The Lotus                                            Namaste

Calcutta                                               Namaste

Some Thoughts on Heritage               Namaste

World Heritage Sites                          Namaste


The Taj Mahal, Roli Books, New Delhi, 1982. New Edition, 1989.
Project Editor, The Nelles India Guides: Northern India and Southern India, published by Nelles Verlag, Munich, Germany, 1990.
Haridwar, Haridwar Development Authority, 1992.
Ramrati, a Potter from Delhi”, article contributed to Talented Women, published by UNESCO for the Beijing Conference on Women, 1995.

Apart from photo-features and illustrations for articles, my photographs have been published by the Ministry of Tourism and used in the Festivals of India. Participated in Pratibimba, an exhibition sent to the Pushkin Museum, Moscow, for the Festival of India, and then to India House, London. Awarded second and third prizes in the National Fotofest competition sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism on the occasion. My photographs have also appeared in the following publications:

India, Brijbasi Printers, New Delhi (Festival of India in Russia)
India, Brijbasi Printers, New Delhi (Festival of India in Japan)
Indian Women, Government of India
Muslim Shrines of India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 1989
Know India Series (Festival of India in America)
Muslims in India, Ministry of External Affairs, 1990
Insight Guides to Rajasthan; South Asia; Delhi, Agra and Jaipur; and Western Himalaya. APA Hong Kong.
Nelles India Guides, Nelles Verlag, Germany.
Master Craftsmen and Master Weavers.
India, A Colourful Kaleidoscope, Brijbasi Printers.
Crafts of India, Roli Books.
Children of India.
Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Dorling Kindersley, New Delhi, 2000.
Rajasthan, Brijbasi Art Press, New Delhi, 2004.
Bal Panchayat: Celebrating Children’s Participation. CASP/Plan, New Delhi.

Between 1988 and 1999, part of my photo collection remained with Fotomedia, a photo agency. The agency supplied visuals for exhibitions, audio-visuals, advertisements, calendars as well as books, magazines, catalogues etc. It was therefore not possible to keep track of where the photographs were published.

Among the eight Indian women photographers featured in a special issue of Photographers International, celebrating 50 years of India’s Independence. The journal is published from Taiwan.

Consultant to Vision & Images Advertising Agency on Tourism related projects.

Conceptualised and coordinated exhibition with Fotomedia on the Rights of the Child for CASP Plan India, 1997.

Between 1998 and 1999 I have conceptualised, compiled and photographed two leather-bound albums for the Mughal Sheraton Hotel in Agra.

The Mughals focuses on the personalities of the six great Mughal emperors. Photographs, mostly of miniature paintings, are complemented on the facing page by relevant extracts from travelogues, memoirs and contemporary histories.
Mughal Architecture and the Mughal Sheraton is a visual comparison between the architecture of the Mughal Sheraton Hotel and that of Mughal India that highlights the architect’s use of medieval elements in a modern idiom.
A solo exhibition of photographs is slated for November 2004 at Gallerie Alternatives.


Started writing short stories in 1992. Mallika Farida published in a collection of new writing by Indian women, In Other Words, Kali for Women, New Delhi, 1992.

Currently working on my first novel.

–To be updated soon–