Shibu Natesan

1966 – Born Trivandrum, Kerala
1982-1987 – Bachelor of Fine Arts( Painting), College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, Kerala
1989-1991 – M.A.(Printmaking), Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
1996-1997 – Artist in Residence, Rijksakademie Van BeeldendeKunsten, Amsterdam

Honours and Awards:

1996 – ‘Uriot Prize’, Rijksakademie van BeeldandeKunsten, Amsterdam
1991 – Gold Medal, M.S. University, Baroda


2008 – ‘Modern and Contemporary Indian Art’, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2008 – ‘Indi Genius’, presented by Sakshi Gallery and Soka Contemporary Space, Taipei at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2008 – ‘Link’, Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai
2007 – ‘Each One Teach One’, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York (solo)
2006 – ‘Parallel Realities’, Asian Art Now, Blackburn Museum, Lancashire, England
2006 – ‘Making the Divinity’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2006 – ‘Altered Realities’, Gallery Art India, New York
2005 – ‘Paths of Progression’, Bodhi Art and Saffronart, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York and Singapore
2005 – ‘Visions of Landscape’, Guild Gallery, Mumbai
2005 – ‘Vision Unlimited’, Grosvenor Gallery, London (solo)
2005 – ‘Existence of Instinct’, organized by Sakshi Gallery at Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi (solo)
2005 – ‘Parallel Realities’, The Third Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
2005 – XIth Triennial India, Lalit Kala Akademi, RabindraBhavan, New Delhi
2004 – ‘In Transit I’, with AtulDodiya, Temporary Gallery, organized by Sakshi Gallery and Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin
2004 – ‘Anticipation’, organized by Fine Art Resource at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2004 – ‘Tiranga, Right and Responsibilities’, A Traveling Show, organized by Jindal Foundation, New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai
2004 – Annual Exhibition, Art Musings, Mumbai
2004 – ‘Generation – 1’, The Guild Gallery and Saffronart, Mumbai
2003 – ‘Creative Space’, Sakshi Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2003 – ‘Master Strokes’, Art Musings, Mumbai
2003 – ‘Tiranga’, A Traveling Show, organized by Jindal Foundation, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2003 – ‘Recent Works’, Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
2003 – ‘Under The Skin of Simulation : Three Contemporary Painters’, Fine Art Resource, Berlin
2003 – ‘Highlights’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2003 – Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
2003 – ‘Crossing Generations :diVERGE’, For 40 Years of Gallery Chemould, organized by Gallery Chemould, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai
2003 – ‘Small Format Works, Two Painters’ with BaijuParthan, Art Musings, Mumbai
2003 – ‘Palette-2003’, organized by Palette Art Gallery at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 – ‘Palette-2002’, organized by Palette Art Gallery at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 – ‘Cinema Still’, organized by Apparao Galleries at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 – ‘Heroes and Mentors’, RPG, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2002 – ‘Finding The Centre at The Margin’, organized by Apparao Galleries, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Trust (IGNCA), New Delhi, Chennai
2002 – ‘Real In Realism’, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2002 – ‘Transfiguration’, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 – ‘CAN’, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 – ‘VIART’, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 – ‘Words and Images’, organized by Guild Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai
2002 – ‘Clicking Into Place’, Japan Foundation with Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2002 – ‘Cutting Edge Contemporary’, Organized by Fine Art Company, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai
2002 – ‘Under Construction’, Japan Foundation, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery,Japan
2001-2002 – ‘Paintings’, GalerieNanky De Vreeze, Amsterdam and Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore (solo)
2001 – ‘Engendering-Images of Women’, Guild Gallery, Mumbai
2001 – ‘The Human Factor’, organized by Guild Art Gallery at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2001 – ‘Figures In My Mind’, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
2001 – ‘In an Exuberant and Profuse Manner’, Bose Pacia Modern, New York
2001 – ‘Human Factor’, Guild Gallery, Mumbai
2001 – ‘ARS 01, Unfolding Perspectives’, Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
2001 – ‘Indian Contemporary Fine Art’, organized by Apparao Galleries and Saffronart, Los Angeles
2001 – ‘Palette-2001’, organized by Palette Art Gallery at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2000 – ‘A Global View : Indian Artists at Home In The World’, organized by Fine Arts Resource, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 – ‘Baroda School of Art’, Fine Art Company, Mumbai
2000 – ‘Exile and Longing’, Lakeeren , Mumbai
2000 – Kunst Rai, GalerieNanky de Vreeze, Amsterdam
1999 – ‘The Creative Process’, The Guild Gallery, Mumbai
1999 – BedrijvenvoorLilianFons, Museum Boymans, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1999 – ‘Pictures of Pictures’, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, England
1999 – Norwich Gallery, Norwich, England
1999 – GrezellosMooi, De Vreeze and the Lining Stone Galeries, Nieuwegien, Netherlands
1999 – ‘Icons of the Millennium’, Lakeeren, Mumbai
1999 – ‘Embarkations’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
1998-1999 – ‘Missing’, Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda, Nature Motre, New Delhi and Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai (solo)
1998 – Vadhera Art Gallery New Delhi
1998 – ‘Spin’, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
1998 – ‘Kunst Rai’, GalerieNanky DE Vreeze and Living Stone Galleries Amsterdam
1998 – ‘Edge of the Century’, Nature Morte, New Delhi
1998 – ‘International Art Fair’, Annacy De Vreeze, Stockholm, Sweden
1997 – ‘Gift for India’, Sahmat, New Delhi
1997 – ‘Spring, Spring’ ,GallerieSerieuseZaken, Amsterdam
1997 – Netherlands Art History Institute, Leiden, Amsterdam
1997 – Open Studio Show, Rijksakademie Amsterdam
1997 – ‘Linkage’, GallerieNanaky De Vreeze, Amsterdam (solo)
1996 – Open Studio Show, Rijksakademie Amsterdam
1996 – 6th Bharat Bhavan Bie9nnial of Contemporary Art, Bhopal
1995 – ‘Contemporary Art’, Deutsche Bank, Mumbai
1995 – ‘Burning Terrains’, works on paper, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai
1995 – ‘Futility of Device’, Sakshi Gallery Mumbai (solo)
1995 – ‘Futility of Device’, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda (solo)
1993 – Exhibition in Aid of Earthquake Victims, Fine Arts Gallery Baroda
1991 – Artists against Communalism ‘Images and Words’, Sahmat, New Delhi
1990 – Artists from Baroda , Graphic Prints, Cymroza Art Gallery Mumbai
1987 – Exhibition of Drawings, Fine Arts Gallery Trivandrum (solo)

Shibu-Natesan-Water-colour-on-paper-20x13-inches Shibu-Natesan-2-Water-colour-on-paper-18x24-inches