Nandini Goud

Nandini Goud was born in 1967. The daughter of senior and renowned Andhra Pradesh artist, Laxma Goud, Nandini obtained her Bachelor’s degree in painting as well as her Master’s degree in printmaking, from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the MS University in Baroda.

Nandini Goud’s paintings and graphics reflect her preoccupation with Hyderabad, the place she unequivocally calls home. Goud’s work tries to capture the day-to-day profile of a typical street in Hyderabad. “My effort to come to grips with the aesthetic issues involved in painting the Indian city focused mainly on the role of space in pictorial organization,” she says.

“Sitting in my studio I would go over all that I had learnt and seen (at the MSU, Baroda); that process of thinking things through, opened my eyes to the tremendous amount of visual material which I could use in my art,” says Goud.

So far, Nandini Goud has had three solo exhibitions of her work. The first was at Gallery Espace, New Delhi in 1992, the second at the Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore in 1994 and the third at the Guild Art Gallery in 1998.

This artist has also participated in a number of group shows, including ‘Parampara’ with M F Husain, Shamshad Husain, her father Laxma Goud and others at the Curiosity Gallery and the show, ‘Feminine Muse’ at Vishakapatnam with other women artists. Goud’s work has also been displayed in the show Recent Trends in contemporary Indian Arts’ at the Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi in 1995.

Nandini Goud has received awards and scholarships for her work and to further her talent throughout her career. Among her honours are the Junior Fellowship for painting from the Department of Culture of the Government of India for 1998 – 2000, and its National Scholarship in 1995. Her works have been sold in auctions held by the world famous auction house, Christie’s and find place in collections like those of Davida and Chester Herwitz, which are amongst the best of Indian contemporary art in the world today.

Nandani-Goud-Acrylic-on-board-9x8-inches Nandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-board-10x8-inches Nandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-board-9x9-inches Nandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-board-10x7-inches

Nandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-canvas-8x6-inchesNandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-canvas-8x7-inches Nandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-canvas-9x10-inches Nandini-Goud-Acrylic-on-canvas-13x16-inches