Sanjeev Verma

Born: 1961

Education: Graduated 1984 /B.V.A / Govt. College of Arts Kolkata

CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS: All kinds of exploration and experimentation has been challenging enough, but to truly express one’s self you have to make your own rules. Painting in mixed media, water-colours and acrylics have been my answer to the calling.

1997 – First Solo Show / Delhi
1997 – Group Show / Tokyo
1999 – Group Show / Delhi
1999 – Second Solo Show / Delhi
2001 – Third Solo Show / Gurgaon
2001 – Solo Show / Elemental Silhouettes / Gurgaon
2003 – Fourth Solo Show / Gurgoan
2004 – Group show / Kolkata
2005 – Group show / Delhi

It’s the magic of life, and the magic continues because there’s hope – the most illuminating feeling of all. It keeps the childhood happy and gay; fills the young heart with love; projects the youth for the stars; and keeps the age spirited.Hope is the reason there’s life, we live because hope lives deep within ourselves. Hope takes birth in the first cry of a newly born. And lives forever. This series is about HOPE I see, that’s still there – amidst the concrete structures of cities I see hope -coz I still see some greens some blues, maybe a small patch here and a small Swatch there – which at a very fast pace, is on it’s way out of our lives – we still have time.

Sanjeev-Verma-Mixed-media-on-paper-28x20-inches Sanjeev-Verma-1-Mixed-media-on-paper-28x20-inches Sanjeev-Verma-2-Mixed-media-on-paper-28x20-inches Sanjeev-Verma-3-Mixed-media-on-paper-28x20-inches Sanjeev-Verma-4-Mixed-media-on-paper-28x20-inches